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MLA for Lakeside
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CongratsAlanna, well done twitter.com/alannaforleade…

Thank you @MBDan7 for attending #MBThrone17. So important to have @KAP_Manitoba there to hear our vision for MB. #mbpoli

It was a pleasure to host the Ambassador of Iraq 🇮🇶 to Canada 🇨🇦 & the Chairman of the Iraqi Grain Board this evening @Min_Pedersen

Twitter Media
Twitter Media

“Manitoba is attracting attention in Canada 🇨🇦 and beyond as a great place for new investments in protein processing from plant🌱, livestock 🐖and dairy sources🐄” #MBThrone17 #mbpoli #blueskies

“Our government respects and understands the importance of Agriculture to the provincial economy” #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

Spoke at the KAP Group Meeting this morning, regarding our Climate & Green Plan @KAP_Manitoba #madeinMB

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I along with my wife Gail wish the Premier a healthy recovery. With his strong family support and determination I am positive he will be better as a result of this injury. twitter.com/brian_palliste…

Age has that about giving to others as we do learn by giving and sharing with others! So keep sharing! twitter.com/upthecreekcatt…

There are true leaders and I’m proud to say you are truly one one best so thank you for your leadership. Keep it up! twitter.com/min_pedersen/s…

Pausing today, to remember those who have served, and continue to serve 🇨🇦 #lestweforget

Pleased to have support of all parties in support of Bill 35. Ag Producers Organization Funding Amendment ACT. Red Tape reduction at work

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